Supreme Institute is a professional organization, intended to introduce students with an engineering background, to the field of advanced technical and job-oriented courses. These courses are of superior international standards and the engineers who master them are of high demand in the global engineering market. A significant advantage of the course structure is that they are of a relatively short duration and could be pursued by the students concurrently with their engineering degrees or during their semester break holidays. On successful completion of the course, the students can compete for jobs, worldwide. We offer education as well as training to students and complete the certification process, to make them employment ready professionals.

The institute holds a vision to create industry-ready, employable technicians for a transnational platform. We also offer continuing education through training and technical support to employees working in industries, thereby enhancing their performance and career prospects.

We are also conducting custom made courses on softskills to meet the varied requirements of each industry.The courses are conducted in collaboration with various renowned training institues in India and abroad.We also conduct soft skills training to final year students/freshers to impart these skills and create an edge over their competitors.


1. To develop as a premier institution in the field of technical training andsoft skills education.

2. To develop as a first choice in the field of continuing education for skilled work.

3. To develop the most sought after technicians to meet all industry needs.

4. To maintain our position as an Institute that relentlessly imparts its students with quality and dynamic world class continuing education.